Excerpt from concert film of cellist Bela Emerson in Brighton. By processing her electric cello, Bela Emerson produces a whole host of colours and textures. Improvising into a sample and loop system allows her to build up layers of melodies and rhythms that twist and weave through a number of distinct sections that make up each piece.

Threshold (excerpt: Opening Ground): Last Bus's 2009 documentary about artist Marco Crivello contains the following sequence of a developing painting, scored by Bela Emerson. 

Bela Emerson live at the Old Vortex, Stoke Newington, London


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Bela Emerson (solo): Threshold soundtrack (excerpt) (2:22) - full version:

Bela Emerson: Tooting Bec (excerpt) (2:46) - exclusive

Bela Emerson (solo): Beech (excerpt) (0:43)

Bela Emerson (solo): Forgotten Marriage soundtrack (excerpt) (2:37) - full version:

Drei: Meet the Moon (5:33) - more details:

Bela Emerson (solo): Emerald Caiman Lady (2:13) - exclusive

Tola: Portland (excerpt) (2:01) - more details:

Bela Emerson: 5-HTP (L-dopa Decarboxylase (Broadbeanshell)) remixed by Ros (4:30) - exclusive

Bela Emerson (solo): On the Verge soundtrack (excerpt) (2:07) - full version:

Bela Emerson: I jumped but I didn't scream (Science Never Sleeps remix) (excerpt) (1:38) - full version out soon

Bela Emerson (solo): Subaqua (excerpt) (3:37) - full version: Gruenrekorder's AudioArt #3 (

Grapper, Boing & Drama Queen: Love & Respect Yourself soundtrack (excerpt) (1:45)